Talk on Female Hygiene by SCA Hygiene

June 28, 2012 Comments Off
Talk on Female Hygiene by SCA Hygiene

A fun and informative workshop on female hygiene was held on 28th July 2012 by SCA Hygiene, targeting our Std 5 and Std 6 girls.

Many thanks to Pn Leong, Kumar, Cikgu Fhaisal and to the marketing team of SCA Hygiene.

The girls had lots of giggles (especially during the cartoon video of the menstrual cycle !) and came away with a sampling pack of Libresse products and a bookmark.

They were by turns amused, embarrassed, shy and enlightened by the talk by Faye of SCA.

See pics below!



We are aiming to get SCA to come back again soon (this time for a workshop for our boys too!)

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