Student Exchange (ISEP)

SKTM has been involved in the International School Exchange Programme (ISEP) for several years now. We have schools from Australia, Indonesia and Thailand who are willing to send their students here and later we will exchange by sending our students there, together with several teachers.

The main objective of this programme is to create awareness, appreciation and enable firsthand experience of the Australian/ Indonesian and Thailand & Malaysian way of life in terms of the diverse and different cultural backgrounds, lifestyles, school systems for students of both SKTM and the respective schools. Each visit is 2 weeks and the children must be in Upper Primary (Tahap 2), preferably from Years 5 & 6.

Students and teachers from SKTM will be hosted by families of children from the respective schools’ teachers and children and vice versa. They will stay with the host families, attend school and carry out the same activities as the host families for the duration of their visit – in other words, experience living as an Australian /Indonesian/Thailand/ Malaysian –doing the same thing as their “host sibling & family” would do in their day-to-day living.

Since SKTM have been receiving many requests from other schools in other countries, we always welcome parents of our students who are willing to host these students, in exchange for the students’ families hosting our students later. Get in touch with the PIBG if you are interested to participate in this programme.